Girl Pin Gang (“GPG”) is a collective of women and gender-queer pin & patch makers. Our mission is to empower and engage and promote the members of our collective. To achieve this mission, our goals are to share knowledge and business experience on our facebook group and to grow our individual businesses by utilizing our extensive connections and the GPG social media accounts. We also believe it is important to be active in “real life” community and will host GPG sponsored events, giveaways and charitable activities.

We are a community of makers from all backgrounds (inclusive of age, ethnicity, beliefs and sexual orientation) and we actively seek to include diverse artists. We believe in the power of community. We believe in the power of sharing success and knowledge with our members so that we can all grow and learn.

We actively participate in our GPG facebook group to support each other in our business ventures by answering and asking questions amongst ourselves.
We actively participate on our IG, social media and websites to support each other by engaging in social media.
This group cannot function without participation of its members.

Girl Pin Gang was co-founded by Melisser Elliott and Amanda Stilwell